​Southern Premier Contractors, Inc.

Rehabilitation and replacement

Rehabilitation and replacement of storm water and sewer pipelines systems is an integral part of sustaining and maintaining a municipality's infrastructure. Allowing these critical pipeline systems to deteriorate can negatively impact a city's ability to attract commercial and residential residents resulting in stunned economic growth. Southern Premier Contractors offers a comprehensive menu of service for municipalities including cleaning, inspection, and repair/replacement of any size storm, sewer or water line. We offer trench-less repair with CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe). CIPP adheres to the existing pipe, offers a smoother surface, is steam less and is a very cost-effective method to repair pipes from 4"-120" in diameter. 

Pipeline Assessment

Underground pipeline condition assessment is critical in formulating response plans for pipeline rehabilitation and repair. Southern Premier Contractors utilizes CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Inspection) technology. Our CCTV inspection and evaluation service is conducted utilizing a remotely operated camera attached to a robotic crawler. The camera is equipped with advanced pan and tilt capabilities that provide a 360 degree view of the pipeline to determine structural condition of pipes, obtain detailed views of structural defects in main lines, joints, cracks or holes, and determine any type of pipeline obstruction. 

New Installation

Proper design and construction of storm and waste water systems can prevent costly repairs in the future. Our extensive knowledge of these systems that address all facets of pipelines. We specialize in sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water installation for municipal and commercial markets.  


In addition to our storm water and sewer pipeline services, we also offer a full array of streetscape services including landscaping, waterfalls, road construction and lake dredging. We use only the highest quality plants that are native to the area assuring they will thrive for years to come. Our attention to detail will add the finishing touch to any project we complete.